Hauler PRo ELiTE 

The all-new Hauler PRO ELiTE is the industry’s most efficient utility vehicle. The Hauler PRO ELiTE comes with remarkable range and its zero-maintenance ELiTE Lithium powertrain is raising the bar for utility vehicles. Its reduced weight and lower operational costs provide unrivaled performance. With a wide range of accessories, silent operations, and zero emissions this utlity vehicle will help you accomplish more and worry less.


Commercial Sell Sheet   |   Golf Sell Sheet

Hauler Pro-X ELiTE

The Hauler PRO-X ELiTE comes lifted giving you additonal ground clearance. The ELiTE lithium powertrain has remarkable range and is significantly lighter compared to traditional lead acid batteries. All of this provides lower operational costs, saving time and money around your facility. 


Commercial Sell Sheet   |   Golf Sell Sheet

 ELiTE Lithium vs. Traditional lead-acid
  • Faster Charge Time
  • Zero Maintenance Batteries
  • Lighter Footprint Than Lead Acid Vehicles
  • Opportunity Charging Capabilities
  • A Softer and Smoother Ride
  • Option for Larger Battery Pack Available for Extended Range Up to 90 Miles Per Charge


Every inch of this utility vehicle was purpose built with features and accessories to help you accomplish more than ever before.