Cushman Personnel Transport Vehicles

Cushman Low-Speed Vehicles

what is an lsv?


A "low-speed vehicle", or LSV, has an attainable speed up to 25 mph and additional safety features compared to the standard utility vehicle to drive on roads with up to 35 mph speed limits. An LSV must meet federally regulated safety standards to be considered street-legal. The Cushman Low-Speed Vehicles adhere to FMVSS 500 standards (federal,  mandatory) and SAE j2358 standards (industry, optional). By certifying to both standards, Cushman continues to offer some of the most dependable vehicles on the market.


The Cushman low speed vehicles go beyond the basic street-legal standards by undergoing additional performance testing and including additional visibility lights and reflectors, a horn, and Occupant Protective Structure (OPS) to meet the more meticulous SAE J2358 industry standards.


Make sure you have a vehicle that not only meets federal standards and your operational need but also the regulations of your local and state government. These regulations vary by state, but most require the vehicle to at least have a VIN, a rear license plate, and to be titled and insured. The LSV must also be operated by a licensed driver on public roadways.